A Writer’s Purpose

This ePortfolio evolves from a big class project at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor in my introductory course for my Writing Minor: Writing 200. I took this course during the winter semester of my senior year. This ePortfolio is an expose of my writing.

As my reader, I have created a step-by-step guide for you, walking you through the steps of my writing that retells my journey in comprehending identity to finding common ground in culture. All the stories, narratives, essays, and videos shared here have gone from a “source” text to “re-purposing” essay to “re-mediation” project. To understand my writing interest in the academy, I have also included a sample essay that I submitted in an African Studies course. Feel free to go on my “Globalizing Africa” shelf and check it out.

My motivation for discovering the various forms that the argument reaffirming or challenging local and global social inequalities can take, should say something about my commitment to understanding race and culture. But, I am not so much interested in having you hear what I have to say as I am in creating a two-way conversation. Tweet me. Leave me a note in my closet. I want to know what/how you think.


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