Writing New Media

The objective  of this essay is to assess my experiences of writing in new media as they compare to writing in traditional, alphabetic/text forms. The purpose of this paper is to identify a single point of comparison to analyze. 
This essay also revisits the Why I Write piece. The writing shown below interprets  how my inspiration for writing has benefitted or changed since me beginning in the minor. 

Blogging & Me: Not Enemies, But Certainly Friendenemies

My experience of writing in “new media” has been unsettling at its worst, and challenging at its best. It is hard to pin point a single experience that is worth exploring as I compare my experience of writing in “new media” to the traditional medium of writing. There have been so many disastrous situations with me that I’m not sure which to choose amongst them. But, I’ll choose to write about my experience with blogging, as this is the most salient to me.

My experience writing as a blogger compares significantly to my experience writing in traditional print text form. My experience blogging have been full of teachable moments. I learned that blogging requires a sense of creativity and higher level of imagination, particularly if you want to lure the attention of your audience. As a blogger for our minor’s wordpress page for example, I constantly felt the pressure to lure and maintain the attention of my audience, specifically my professor and my peer cohort of writing minors.

At times, it seemed—when reading the comments left on the blogs– that the blogs that captivated the attention of my peer cohort and my professor in class were those that creatively expressed a single idea through video clips or pictures. I always felt that my imagination as a writer didn’t measure up to those expressed by my peers. Though I made an effort, I didn’t feel comfortable expressing my ideas in this way. I often felt that my creativity was best served through traditional textual mediums, not blogs. This feeling was largely due to me feeling that I was writing outside of my comfort zone.

When I explore the broad, initial question that I was challenged to answer earlier this semester of Why I Write, I can’t help but to think that this new medium of writing has changed me as a writer. My thinking on critical issues concerns race and society have become more refined. I have been asked to think creatively, and respond thoughtfully to the questions of race and culture I feel most inspired to address. The new burgeoning question that has now entered into my psyche that I never once considered before include this question: Do I REALLY like to write?

I have been changed as a writer in that I have boldly stepped outside of what I knew and felt comfortable in doing as a writer, for something new that I felt more anxiety and pressure to be good in doing. I do feel more pressure to challenge my writing further, and integrate new mediums of technology to advance a single thought or idea, while at the same time being at pace with the advancement of technology. For that reason solely, blogging has challenged my writing. The ways I express my ideas have been more engaging and thought-provoking than when I began in the minor. I feel more confident in communicating my writing imaginatively. The video production I orchestrated for my remediation project inspired this self-assurance in my writing.

My sense of self as a writer has changed, too. Now more than before, I am thinking about the type of presence I want to have as a writer, and the type of medium I would like my work to be recognized. These questions emerge primarily from the very type of writing that I feel most challenged by: blogging. Though I feel this type of writing has been difficult for me as a person that does not consider herself as a creative writer, I do however feel that blogging has brought forth the opportunity and possibility for more range in my writing.

This is more than I can say for the “traditional,” alphabetic form that I am familiar with doing.


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